Landmark specializes in information collection, evaluations and assessments, and community support.

Photos of working with First Nations

Our services include:

  • Treaty Negotiation
  • Economic Development
  • Socio-Economic Studies
  • Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Land Use
  • Impact Assessments
  • Strength of Claim Research and Assessment
  • Archaeology
  • Impact and Benefit Agreements

Landmark has experience planning and implementing traditional knowledge and land use programs. We work with communities to integrate traditional land use information into environmental assessment processes and into other land and resource use planning activities.

We conduct and coordinate traditional knowledge studies and traditional land use and occupancy studies. And, we will assist in the preparation of these studies where First Nations prefer to collect and analyze this information themselves. We are pleased to provide capacity support and train local people in data collection.

For examples of some of the projects we have collaborated with First Nations on, click here.