Landmark Resource Management is a full-service consulting company which provides services to First Nations and proponents.

Consisting of a team of qualified anthropologists, archaeologists, scientists, and negotiators, we have considerable experience working with First Nations in British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon, and Northwest Territories. We are well-versed in the cultural natural resource, and geopolitical environment within which development activities occur in western Canada.

Landmark provides a broad range of services related to the assessment of the effects of proposed infrastructure projects on Aboriginal Interests (e.g., treaty and Aboriginal rights). Our work includes traditional knowledge and traditional use studies, environmental assessments, socio-economic impact assessments, ethnobotany, third-party review of proponents’ effects assessments, and archaeology.

We work with First Nations to scope key issues, identify alternatives, develop baseline information, discuss and validate assessment criteria and predicted effects, and identify mitigation and management options. We plan and implement successful traditional knowledge programs and integrate that information into the environmental assessment process and other land use decision making regimes.

We work with proponents to ensure compliance on environmental assessments and to develop impact and benefit agreements. We assist with historical research and work to further community engagement between developers and First Nations.